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Welcome to New Hampshire's most trusted Reduced Impact Logging Company. Differing in practice from conventional logging, reduced impact logging supports sustainable forestry practices at the highest levels with a specific focus on property management & beautification. The removal of trees does not need to result in major disruptions to your property. Reduced Impact Logging can safely remove tress at your home while focusing on the aesthetics of your property.

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Reduced Impact Logging
Conventional Logging
Fire Wood

Remove trees on your property to create fields, allow the sunshine in, and move the woodline back to keep those pesky ticks away! 

Manage your property with sustainable forestry practices to generate income and maintain wildlife habitat. 

Cut, split, and delivered right to your home. Cord wood and grapple loads for sale. 


My wife and I wanted to remove some big pine trees that were blocking the sun from our back deck. Andy was able to remove the trees and my yard didn't suffer! 

Stanley, Henniker 

I am a retired forester and hired Andrew on a recommendation from a friend. I was hesitant that cutting off some of my acreage and leave it too bare. I am so pleased with the outcome; I couldn't have done it better myself-the woods are healthy and thriving!


Cliff, New Boston 

I ordered five cords of wood for the long winter months, and not only was it delivered ontime, it was cut exaclty to the length I needed. 

Melanie, Antrim 



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